Peaks Located In Our Images

Aspen Mountain Ski Area, Aspen Highlands (formerly known as Tiehack) Ski Area, Buttermilk Ski Area, Snowmass Ski Area, Sundeck, Top of Ruthie’s Lift, Highland Peak \, Highland Bowl, Loge Peak, Maroon Peak, North Maroon Peak, West Summit., Baldy Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Willoughby Mountain, Mount Daly, Brush Creek Road/SnowmassVillage., TENMILE RANGE, Quandary Peak, Mount Helen, Father Dyer Peak, Crystal Peak, Peak 10, Peak 9, Peak 8, Peak 7, Peak 6, Peak 5, Peak 4, Peak 3, Tenmile Peak, Peak 2, Peak 1, Red Peak, Buffalo Mountain, CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO, Gibson Ridge, Red Lady Bowl, Mount Emmons, Schuylkill Mountain, Cascade Mountain, Augusta Mountain, Mineral Point, Purple Mountain, Anthracite Mesa, Treasure Mountain, Treasury Mountain, Cinnamon Mountain, Galena Mountain, Paradise Basin, Mount Baldy, Gothic Mountain, Snodgrass Mountain, Mount Bellview, Crested Butte, RAGGEDS, RUBY RANGE, WEST ELK MOUNTAINS, Oak Mesa, Chair Mountain, Thousand Acre Flats, The Raggeds Mountain Range, Ragged  Peak, Ragged Mountain, Locally known as Munsey Ridge, Mount Justice, Jumbo Mountain, Lennox Mountain, Purple Mountain, Augusta Mountain, Marcellina Mountain, Richmond Mountain, Oh-Be-Joyful Pass, Hancock Peak, Oh-Be-Joyful Peak, Afley Peak, Mount Owen, Ruby Peak, West Beckwith Peak, Mount Lamborn, Mount Gunnison, Coal Mountain, Landsend Peak, Big Sand Mountain, Little Sand Mountain, Smith Fork Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Tater Heap, Mount Guero, West Elk Peak, North Saddle Peak, Porcupine Cone, Bald Mountain, Mendicant Ridge, Paonia,  Hotchkiss,  Crawford,  Delta, Colorado, GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO, Shoulder of Lookout Mountain, Mount Daly (13,305) - See Number 3, Capitol Peak, Sopris (12,953) - One of two peaks that are Mount Sopris, West Sopris (12,953) - Second of two peaks that are Mount Sopris, Hawk Peak (12,793) - These peaks are the western third of Maroon, Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, Elk Mountain, Penny Hots Springs, Ragged Peak, Ragged Mountain, Raggeds Wilderness, Chair Mountain, Redstone, Compass Mountain (9,895) - Sunlight ski area is on the front of this peak, Sunlight Peak (10,568) - summit not seen, Roaring Fork River, Red Mountain, L O G   H I L L, R I D G W A Y, Cimarron Ridge, Sheep Mountain, Turret Ridge, Chimney Rock, Dunsinane Mountain, Courthouse Mountain, Precipice Peak, U 3, Fortress, Montrose Peak, Uncompahgre Peak, Redcliff Peak, Pershing Peak, Coxcomb Peak, U 4, Wetterhorn Peak, Baldy Peak, Bridge of Heaven, Cow Benchmark, Amphitheater above Ouray,  South Wall of Amphitheater, Tuttle Mountain, Abrams Mountain, Hayden Mountain, Hayden Mountain, Corbett Peak, Whitehouse Mountain, Mount Ridgway, Potosi Peak, Reconoiter Peak, Teakettle, Cirque Mountain, Kismet, Mount Sneffels, Dallas Peak, S 4, Campbell Peak, T 0, Wolcott Mountain –, Mears Peak (13,496), S 7, S 8, S 9, Hayden Peak, North Pole Peak, Cimarron Ridge,  Porphyry Basin, Sleeping Indian, Blackwall Mountain, Wildhorse Peak, Dexter Peak, Tuttle Mountain, Abrams Mountain, Hurricane Peak, Duco, Brown Mountain, Chipeta  or Corbett or Sultan Peak, Whitehouse Mountain, Mount Ridgway, Potosi Peak, NORWOOD, COLORADO, Whipple Mountain, Last Dollar Mountain, Ballard Mountain and La Junta Peak, Gray Head Mountain, La Junta Peak, Wasatch Mountain, Lookout Peak, Palmyra Peak, Alta Lakes, Silver Mountain, Ophir Needles, Ulysses S. Grant Peak, Pilot Knob, Golden Horn Peak, Vermillion Peak, Sunshine Mountain, Wilson Peak, Gladstone Peak, Mount Wilson, El Diente, Little Cone, Flat Top Mountain, Dolores Peak, Middle Peak, Dunn Peak, Big Baldy, Ground Hog Mountain, Lone Cone, OURAY, COLORADO, Engineer Pass, Abrams Mountain, Mount Abram, Red Mountain Pass /Million Dollar, Thistledown Creek, Yankee Boy basin, Imogene Pass, TELLURIDE, West Dallas Peak, Gilpin Peak, Pack Basin, Mount Emma, Greenback Mountain, San Sophia Ridge, Mendota Peak, Silk Mountain, Chicago Peak, Telluride Peak, Black Bear Pass, Ingram Peak, Trico Peak, Ballard Mountain, La Junta Peak, Wasatch Mountain, Gold Hill Lift, San Joaquin Ridge, Palmyra Peak, Silver Mountain, Ophir Needles, Yellow Mountain, San Miquel Peak, Sheep Mountain Ridge, Lizard Head Pass, San Bernardo Mountain, Gore Range, Vail Pretty Mountain, Meridian Peak (12,426), Cataract Point, Cataract Crags, Corner Peak, Eagle’s Nest, Peak A, Mount Powell, Peak B, Kneenocker Pass, Peak C, Peak C Prime, Peak D, Peak E, Peak F, Peak G, Black Benchmark, Peak H, Booth Mountain, The Fly, Bald Mountain, West Partner Peak, Peak U, Graduation Peak, East Partner Peak, Peak V, Outpost Peak, Mount Solitude, Climbers Point, Keller Mountain, North Traverse, The Grand Traverse, Grand Traverse Peak”, Mount Valhalla, Snow Peak, Red Peak, Red Buffalo, Buffalo Mountain, Deming Mountain, Chair Mountaiin, Raggeds Mountain Range, GUNNISON RIVER, Marcelina Mountain, Ruby Mountain Range, West Beckwith Peak, Mount Lamborn, GUNNISON RIVER PLEASURE PARK, Coal Mountain, NORTH FORK RIVER, Lands End Peak), West Elk Mountains, Saddle Mountain, Castle Rock,,s 

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Contact Us

If you live in Western Colorado and you would like to commission photography and labeling of your own view, call  us .  

We will visit your location for free, and discuss possibilities for photographing your views, and labeling the features you see.  These make great images to send to family, or to take with you if you live somewhere else most of the year.   These are also popular as Christmas cards, letterheads or even images for personal web pages.

Getting a great picture is a challenge.  We have to combine the right view, and just the right location for the camera, with the right time of year, the right day, the right time of day, and just the right light to get our best product.  When we finally get all these things to come together, we take lots of the same picture to get one really good one.  We can work with you for your unique situation.  Here are a couple of examples we have done  for people.

Commission your own unique panorama. Black Canyon Ranch - Colorado Commission a view Commisioned View

c/o Jeff Burch

941 Cypresswood Lane

Delta, Colorado 81416

(970) 252-1414

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